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Suicide Prevention Video Series


September 27, 2023

Suicide Prevention Video Series

Suicide is an issue that transcends age, gender and background. This is why the NFL community, SAMHSA and 988 have come together to present this four part video series on suicide prevention.


The most important resource available is knowing the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of suicide. Studies show that if someone in crisis receives help, they are much less likely to act on suicidal impulses. Learn the common verbal, behavioral and situational signs of suicidal ideation and how to take action.

Calling 988

One of the vital tools in preventing suicide is using the 988 line by either calling, texting or chatting 988 to speak to a trained counselor who can provide support. In the second part of this series, NFL Legend Doug Middleton speaks with CEO of Vibrant Emotional Health Kimberly Williams to discuss what happens when you contact 988.

A Parent's Role

Families can be a crucial line of defense against suicide. In the third of this four-part series, NFL Executive Vice President Troy Vincent and Branch Chief of Suicide Prevention at SAMHSA Brandon Johnson discuss the parent's role in suicide prevention.

Year Round Support

Each NFL club has an on-site clinician to work with players, coaches and other team staff. In the final part of this series, NFL Legend Doug Middleton sits down with New York Giants Director of Wellness and Clinical Services Dr. Lani Lawrence to discuss how individuals can take care of their mental health.